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Introduction to Olakai.

Pollutants in our air and water, and other toxins we take in through everyday living, deplete our bodies of important nutrients and decrease our resistance to disease that's why it's necessary to increase our intake of antioxidants and other nutrients.
Poor agricultural practices and food processing take much of the nutritional value from our food, making it nearly impossible to get enough of important nutrients just from what we eat each day.
Studies clearly show the importance of taking supplements.  But the supplements are only useful if they are bio-available. In other words, be sure they are in the forms your body can recognize and use.

Bioactive, bio means life. So Bioactive means life is available and in this case it means life giving nutrient is available to the body. Our body needs living food not dead food as in mineral from rocks/dirt.
The absorption of a food and supplement is determined by its physicochemical properties: in order for nutrition to be effective, it must be soluble in gastro-intestinal fluids and also possess permeability properties for good membrane diffusion in order to reach the bloodstream.
Sea Asparagus are relatively simple living aquatic organisms that capture light energy through photosynthesis, using it to convert inorganic bio-inactive substances into organic bio-active matter.

Sea asparagus has been freeze dried and never exposed to heat with all its nutrition benefits, vitamins, enzyme and mineral in a bio active state once water has been added without preservatives, chemicals, or other additives. Some forms of nutrition are in need to be combined with other nutrients or chemicals in order for your body to recognize, absorb, and utilize the nutrients effectively. It is most important to consume foods as whole-foods not extracts or isolation as in our Olakai the whole Sea Asparagus in powder form.

We call this product Olakai (Hawaiian word for Health from the Ocean)
Olakai  is a special formulation that boosts oxygenation in the body while delivering highly bio-available trace elements, enzymes and amino acids, as well as containing other vitamin support factors, by using these bio-availability factors, we may get up to 90 percent delivery into the blood, roughly comparable to intramuscular injection without the needle.

The calcium and minerals in Olakai are bio-available (highly absorbable) to your cells.
Olakai Calcium and other mineral are in a biological form derived from Sea Asparagus. Therefore, it is a 100% Bioactive calcium and mineral and does not have to undergo the digestive, ionizing process to which the other non bio-active calcium and some supplements must be subjected.

The average American diet of meats, refined grains, and soft drinks (high in phosphorus) has been documented to contribute to increased bone loss in adults.
It is important to remember that proper calcium absorption absolutely requires an adequate level of vitamin D as in Sea Asparagus in proper proportion. 
Sea asparagus are a source of in organic form (bio-active) sodium, calcium, riboflavin, Iodine, magnesium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B 2, vitamin B12 an energy booster) vitamin C, iron, potassium, and dietary fiber.

Poor bioavailability exerts strong limits to the performance of Nutrition by the necessity to consume a much higher quantity than strictly required. This can create problems related to the cost of food and over eating.    

Bioactive Nutrients as offered by Olakai we feel are important in getting and staying healthy.
Olakai is a Bio-Salt: Biochemically Balanced and Bio Active. It has been confirmed in research that each cell is an electrical generator, which depends on the mineral balance in and around the cell. Using Olakai to salt your foods should, therefore spark up your life as it sparks up your body's electrical systems.
Olakai tastes just like salt and is fine textured. It is a salt substitute. It is not for people on salt-restricted diets. For those who do use salt, it is an alternative to ordinary (usually toxic) table salt. It is also an alternative to Sea Salt. So eat your veggies and try Olakai.